EverythingMe Launcher Review



There are numerous launchers on the Google Play store. There are some that make your phone make look futuristic with mind-boggling 3D effects (and cost the price of a small meal) and some visually simple launchers with powerful behind the scene features. We’ve reviewed several launchers which allow you to change the look of your launcher as often as you change your clothes (you can read our review of Themer Launcher┬áhere). Now, another app has launched to make your phone more relevant in every situation and search; EvertyhingMe Launcher.

EverythingMe Launcher:

Recently exiting Beta, EverythingMe Launcher has the tagline: “The Perfect Phone, Every Time”. This is backed up with some clever features such as Smart Folders, Prediction Bar and in-phone search. We’ll talk about those later, but first, I want to talk about EverythingMe’s ethos.

EverythingMe Launcher wants your smartphone to be, well, smart. 99% of phones on the market are smartphones in name, but many can be quite cumbersome. When you turn on the phone, you have to search for the app you’re after. For example, in the morning, eating your cereal, you may want to catch up on the latest news. You have to scroll to the right page, to the right folder and click on the app. Then, if you want to check Twitter, you have to maybe scroll to another page and another folder to launch your Twitter app. EverythingMe Launcher wants to stop this. In the morning, EverythingMe will have news apps and a weather update ready for you to catch up on. When out and about, the launcher will show you the closest restaurants and shops nearby. When you get home, you’re given folders full of apps with recipes and film apps to help relax. This isn’t necessarily new, but the way EverythingMe does it is well executed and, most importantly, in a pretty way.

Smart Folders:

EverythingMe Launcher will first launch with numerous folders already on the screen filled with apps. These are the Smart Folders, which will group all the apps under certain categories. There are loads of categories available to add from the settings page.