HTC wearables to debut in 2014



HTC wearables coming later this year. A smartwatch in the works.

As the gadget industry progresses towards smart wearables and HTC is an important player on the smartphone segment (HTC One won Smartphone of the year in 2013 for its beautifully crafted metallic design), the Taiwan-based mobile maker can’t miss an opportunity like this. It has been said that HTC will debut at least one smart wearable gadget in 2014 (a smartwatch).

Their smartwatch debut could have occurred earlier, if the battery problem would have been solved sooner, said HTC’s exec Cher Wang in a statement for Bloomberg publication, adding that the company had to tackle another important issues – wearable LCD lighting.

According to Wang the main features that customers wish for when it comes to wearable devices, is long-lasting battery and a high-quality display, which pretty much lack on currently available smartwatches, however HTC seems ready to deliver both features this year.

Do you think HTC will succeed on the smartwatch segment.