Veho Pebble Smartstick Charger Review


Veho Pebble Smartstick Charger

Veho Pebble Smartstick Charger Review

We all know the feeling too well, you’re out and about and you’re phone runs out of juice, all smartphones are the same, some are better than others (looking at you Galaxy Note 3) but regardless, if you’re surfin’ and textin’ all day on your phone it’s gonna die on you.

This particular scenario is especially infuriating/catastrophic if you run out of juice nowhere near a plug socket, luckily there’s plenty of solutions for that common situation, you can either cover your phone in a charger case which can add up to £50 to the battery but also adds a lot of weight and size to your device. If you want to keep your phone or tablet looking how it was it intended to, then the answer could be emergency charger, such as the Pebble Smart-stick available from Mobile Fun.

The concept behind Veho Pebble Smartstick Charger is simple, you charge it up before you leave the house, take it with you and then when your phone kicks the bucket, connect it to the smart stick and it’ll charge your phone back up, but to how much exactly?

Will it get me to 100%? 

The short answer here is; no, but it’ll get you close enough to last the rest of the day, I tried out the smart stick on a few different occasions, the first time I let my phone run down to around 10% plugged it into the smart stick and let it run its course, only occasionally replying to texts or emails, no heavy use and it managed to get me back up to around 90% which was great.

My second experiment was to continue heavily using the device while it was connected and see where that got me. Again, I let the phone run down to 10% and plugged it in, I then continued using the phone as I was before, checking texts, emails, various social media apps and watching videos, this time the smart stick managed to get me back up to just short of 60%. Both times it took the smart stick around about two hours to get the phone back up to these percentages before running flat, which isn’t long at all considering it isn’t much quicker than that when it’s plugged into a wall socket.

What’s in the bag?