HTC One 2 Name Appears on French Listings


Screen-Shot-2014-02-01-at-9.16.46The name HTC One 2 appeared on the Postal and Telecommunications Office site for New Caledonia, in a list of verified devices that can work in that region. A dual-SIM variant of the same smartphone was also spotted, though documentation for the two smartphones is obviously missing.

These may turn out to be just placeholders for the said smartphones, so their actual names might be different. And let’s be real, will the name One-Two suit a smartphone such as the One successor, and any other phone for that matter? Probably not, as it doesn’t make much sense. We really hope HTC will come up with something more appealing for its new jewel.

The announcement of the next HTC flagship will probably take place soon, maybe at MWC or slightly after that. We are very excited about it, what about you?