Moto X unlocked available online from Handtec UK retailer


Moto X unlocked

Moto X unlocked now available online at Handtec UK retailer two days after the announcement that UK retailer Phones4U was going to start offering the Moto X in UK stores on various 24 month tariffs.

The very same device has been spotted being sold by UK online retailer Handtec, who are selling the 4.7 inch device for £299 once UK V.A.T is accounted for. The site shows the device as not currently in stock, but gives you the option to pre-order now and once the stock comes in it’ll be sent out to you, no word on exactly when that will be, but as soon as we get a heads up, we’ll be sure to inform you.

So, if you don’t like the idea of lengthy phone contracts and have a spare £299, for Motorola’s latest and greatest, head over to Handtec.



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