Minuum releases SDK for developers to spread typing revolution


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Minuum, one of the smartest and smallest keyboards on Google Play, have made it clear from the get go they wanted to change the way we type. Now, Minuum releases SDK to get developers to spread the typing revolution.

Minuum releases SDK:

Minuum recently released a video showing their keyboard working on a Samsung Galaxy Gear. Now, Minuum releases an SDK with a view of getting like minded devs to spread the use of the typing revolution they started.

Along with the announcement, Minuum released an update to their app to 1.2.3 which refreshes the look to a cleaner look and also adds several oft requested features. First of all, Minuum adds auto-spacing and better support for user input smileys. In previous versions, if you tried to enter a smiley (like :-) ) Minuum would often autocorrect it. Now, this has been stopped and the silley key has more smileys available if you slide to the side. Second, adding your own words (or words not in the dictionary) is easier. First write the word and then add the suffix (they give the example of Minuumtastic on their blog) using the precise mode. Minuum then learns the word for you.

Most importantly in the announcement, Minuum releases SDK’s to get developers to develop their keyboard to using it on other devices and even wearable and smart devices. Devs can sign up to have the SDK once it’s released by Minuum. Sign up here to get in quick.

Minuum state they will soon be releasing videos on their YouTube channel which will show Minuum working on more and more devices. They already have several videos showing people typing in mid-air using a Leap or on a blank table to show off the potential of the Minuum released SDK.

Minuum aren’t the only keyboard developers making their keyboard accessible in other devices. Recently, Fleksy, my other favourite keyboard app, we reported on a video of their keyboard working on a Samsung Galaxy Gear. It was sideloaded and seemed to work well. One comment on the YouTube video, however, was from a user who did the same but couldn’t access any of the options due to the small screen size. It will be interesting to see if Fleksy now releases an SDK to compete with Minuum.