GeeksPhone Revolution – the dual OS phone to start a mobile revolution


GeeksPhone revolution

A new company, based in Spain, have made a commitment to start the biggest mobile revolution since the launch of Android: A dual OS phone.

GeeksPhone Revolution:

Maybe rather appropriately named GeeksPhone, the company have released details on their next venture in the Mobile phone industry. They wish to release a phone called GeeksPhone Revolution with a dual OS based on Android.

Their website doesn’t give much away, other than they hope to release phones with the capability of running both Android and another OS, such as Mozilla’s Firefox based OS, Boot2Gecko.

The GeeksPhone Revolution won’t be limited to these two OS’s though. GeeksPhone want their device to be able to run any community supported OS available. This means one obvious thing: GeeksPhone won’t be able to run both Android and iOS, as the latter is not in open development but owned by Apple. It’s quite possible that you would be able to run two versions of Android though (but that’s just a guess).

“Why would you need a Dual OS phone?” you may be wondering. The simplest answer I can give is preference. Some OS’s have strengths in areas others don’t. For a more involved answer, I can see this being useful for Devs who would be able to test their apps on more than one system on one phone. Another reason to have dual OS could be if a certain OS has better support in one country than another and you often travel between the two, a bit like having a dual sim phone. Either Way, the prospects are exciting.

The GeeksPhone Revolution will be run by an Intel Atom Z2560 Dual-core 1.6GHz processor, with a 4.7 inch IPS HD screen, 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, Micro-SD card slot and Micro-USB port.

I look forward to see what GeeksPhone will make possible with this phone. We’ll be sure to bring you the news as it comes in.