PadPivot Review – phone & tablet stand for your leg


PadPivot Review

Ever since we’ve had smartphones and tablets, there have been stands to help prop them up in various new designs and fashions. PadPivot by Uifit, however, has bought the stand to a new field: Your leg.

PadPivot Review:

At first, a stand for your knee sounds as silly as a toilet roll holder which plays the national anthem every time you use it. But when you look at it closer, PadPivot is a lot more ingenious than that, and thanks to our friends at Gearzap, I got to test one out.


PadPivot review

PadPivot is a very small device which folds up neatly into your pocket until it’s needed. There are only three parts to the whole thing: the stand, the nano suction head and the strap. The concept is very simple. Pull the head out from the bottom and screw in to the top. Place the stand on your knee or table, place your device either in the desk stand or on the head and secure to your leg with the strap.

The underneath and edges of the stand are rubberized to stop slipping, and with the added security of the strap (when using it on your leg) you can safely use your device hands free. For me, this is great, as it means I can have my phone or tablet give me directions whilst push myself along in my wheelchair.

PadPivot review

In the box, you get a series of connecting stickers in two sizes (small and large). The micro suction head clings on to these stickers when your device doesn’t have a grippable surface. However, with the devices I tested the PadPivot with, I found I didn’t need the stickers, as the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Tab 2 have a smooth shiny surface. If your chosen device has a similar back, then the PadPivot’s micro suction cup will stick fast. Either way, your phone or tablet won’t fall off at the least opportune moment. In fact, in my tests, it had stuck so well (without the sticker) it was a little difficult to get off. This will no doubt fade as the head ages and gets dusty, but the instructions state that a quick wipe with a damp cloth should reactivate the nano suction. Otherwise, just keep the protective plastic when not in use to prolong the use of the head.


Whilst using the PadPivot out and about in my wheelchair, I didn’t feel like the device was going to fall or slip off, despite going over some big bumps in the pavement. I was able to clearly see the navigation instructions on the screen and still keep my hands free to push the wheels. This saves a lot of stopping to pull out the device to look at the map again.

PadPivot Review
When attached to your leg, it’s perfect for wheelchair users allowing them to push themselves whilst getting directions from device

As a table stand, the PadPivot keeps the phone and tablet at a comfortable angle to view the screen and keep my hands free to type. When finished, I simply unscrewed the head, put it safely on the bottom and put it in my pocket or bag to be used another time.

Another useful usage of the PadPivot is to keep the tablet in my son’s lap whilst in the car. Invariably it usually ends up on the floor of the car when he gets over excited and requires the front passenger to play contortionist to pick it up and hand it back. With the PadPivot keeping it in his lap and the strong nano suction, only we can take it off, meaning less contortionist and more peace. With the pivoting of the head, he can even use it to steer the tablet when playing driving games.


If you spend a lot of time using your phone or tablet in a car, train, plane or even relaxing on the sofa, or use a wheelchair, then the PadPivot is a great accessory to have in your arsenal. It’s small, light and compact enough to be out-of-the-way when not in use, but has some innovative features to make it a mainstay in any travel, business or commuters bag. If I had to find any bad points about it, I would say that staring at a device attached to you leg isn’t going to be great for your posture. But if you’re lying back on the sofa or in bed and need something to keep your tablet, phone or e-reader at a comfortable level, then the PadPivot is for you.

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