LG to Implement Fingerprint Scanning Technology in Future Devices


2014-01-15 16

The trend for fingerprint scanners on mobile devices started last year, with the launch of the iPhone 5S. Shortly after that, a number of Android manufacturers have also adopted that technology, including HTC and Pantech. Samsung’s thoughts on it are that fingerprint scanning on a smartphone is pretty gimmicky, so it will skip the technology and show us something else instead, but LG, its homeland rival, is going to continue spreading the craze with its new smartphones of 2014, which will all have a fingerprint scanner.

With this move LG will expand the security features of its new smartphones, as well as improve the UX with more convenience. One of the first adopters of this technology is likely going to be the LG G3 and the LG G Pro 2, but also the smartphones of the middle pack. LG’s vision is to gather as much attention as possible with the fingerprint-scanning tech on smartphones, as the other companies have done.

It’s far too early to tell the placement of the fingerprint scanners on the new devices, as the smartphones themselves are still an enigma right now, but counting that LG will go with the current button placement scheme (read: the scheme of LG G2), it’s logical that LG puts the scanner under the actual power button of the device.

Will this attract new customers, or will it turn out to be an irrelevant feature, that’s yet to be seen. Would you want to buy an LG device with a fingerprint scanner in it?