HTC One 2 cases reveal similar HTC One Max fingerprint scanner on the back


HTC One 2 cases

Real images of alleged HTC One 2 cases could reveal that HTC’s 2014 flagship smartphone will feature a similar fingerprint scanning technology found on the HTC One Max phablet.

A couple of days ago we reported on the back covers of what could be the successor of the HTC One codenamed HTC M8 with speculations hinting on dual sensors Ultrapixel camera at the back. Some of the questions we had in mind was whether; the fingerprint scanner was gotten rid of compared to last year’s model and if the fingerprint scanner had been moved up or the front.

The cases are for the pre-order phones to cater for the users that would prefer to have the phones as soon as they are launched. The case designs usually are a match to the dimensions of the original to-be released phones and with that in mind it is hardly the case that the phones will be anything less. This then proves that the HTC M8 layout will be exactly the dimension of the leaked cases photo with just a millimeter off to allow the phone to fit in.


This therefore proves to us that the HTC M8, or should we call it HTC One 2 or HTC One Two is highly probable to feature a fingerprint scanner right under the camera as we’ve seen on the HTC One Max late last year.