Google To Launch a Nexus 8 Tablet With a 64bit Intel Processor This Year


NexusA new rumor has it, Google will launch an 8-inch tablet called Nexus 8 later this year with an Intel processor inside.

The word comes from DigiTimes, and when you think about it, it’s quite probable that the search giant will debut a slightly bigger tablet this year, as an 8-inch screen is the new entry-level. But intriguing is that Google will opt for an Intel chipset this time, instead of a Qualcomm one like in the past. The source says that it will be a 64bit Intel Bay Trail-T quad-core processor, not the expected high-end Snapdragon chips. We still don’t know the motives behind this, but we’ll sure find out when Google releases the Nexus 8, if it even exists.

As for the manufacturer, Google will likely stick with Asus, though it won’t be a surprise if LG becomes the maker of choice.

More information regarding the Nexus 8 will be exposed after MWC in February.