European roll out of Android 4.4 for HTC One Begins in France in mid-February


Android 4.4 for HTC One

Android 4.4 for HTC One to begin European roll out in the following three weeks.

Google promised that the roll out and adoption of Android 4.4 would be felt very quickly and that promise has been delivered, more and more devices are seeing OTA updates every week.

HTC announced that it would update carrier branded devices within 90 days, that would take us up to the end of January, something that is very quickly approaching. Although the OTA update is not yet available on French handsets, HTC has confirmed that US versions of the HTC One are still in the “Integration stage” meaning that US networks haven’t even tested 4.4 KitKat yet, meaning that deadline in 10 days is looking increasingly unlikely.

The new firmware might bring HTC Sense 6.0 UI and other software novelties to the HTC One. We will discuss more in mid-February, when the roll out is expected to push out all over Europe, including the UK.

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