New Galaxy S5 specs rumour: 20MP camera, iris scanner


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Yet another rumour trying to confirm Galaxy S5 specs – iris scanner technology feature and a 20MP camera sensor, this time.

As another week kicks off so too does the never-ending stream of rumours about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. This week’s fresh batch of details confirm some stuff we already knew and some stuff that goes against what we heard in the last round of leaks.

So, first things first is the purported 2K display that we’ve heard a few times now and looks like it could be true, 1080p is old hat now so it seems likely Samsung will want to up the ante for their flagship 2014 smartphone. The next piece of information is the rumour we heard last time regarding the battery, not only will the battery apparently be 2900 mAh (milliamps per hour) but it’s slated to be arriving with brand new rapid charge tech, hopefully reducing the amount of hours you spend per day sitting next to a plug socket.

Finally we come to a claim we haven’t heard before, the news that the S5 will be rocking a 20 megapixel camera sensor on the rear, a clear indication Samsung wants to enter into a numbers war with the likes of Sony and Nokia, who have 20 and 40 megapixel sensors on their flagship devices. Now, last time we read that the S5 would only have a 16 megapixel rear facing camera and also support Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) these new claims have us scratching our heads over whether or not the 20 megapixel camera will still have OIS. Other info on the camera is the suggestion it will have support for 4K video recording which is definitely believable considering the Note 3 already supports it.

The next rumour sounds like something fresh off a page from George Owell’s 1984. The Galaxy S5 will come with an iris scanner, designed to recognize the user’s individual iris and unlock the device, very similar to the concept behind Apple’s touchID fingerprint scanner, we’ve heard this rumour before and the technology is definitely available, so this could definitely be truthful, but we are not that optimistic about it being included as a feature on the Galaxy S5, maybe on other future devices, but not this one.