HTC One 2 (M8) could have dual sensor camera and bigger screen, report hints


HTC One 2

When we reviewed the HTC One Max, it instantly became my new favourite device out on the market and was heart wrenching to send it back to HTC. I am therefore very interested in any news about what the HTC One 2 codename HTC M8 will entail, and recent rumours and speculation have started to arise after some purported cases surfaced said to be for the next HTC One M8.

Next HTC One 2:

First, a bit of background. The M8 is the project title for the next HTC One (the current one is designated the M7). Some sites are calling the next one the HTC One 2 to save confusion, but we feel it sounds too clunky. Plus, there is a report out from Bloomberg, who have heard from an insider that the next device will be called the HTC One 2 M8. If this is true, it’s unknown how they’ll differentiate between the 2013 model and the 2014 model, but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before in the Android market (look at the Nexus 7).

The same Bloomberg report states that HTC aim to launch the device towards the end of March and will carry a bigger screen than its predecessor at a minimum of 5 inches compared to last years’  4.7 inches. Whether this will mean the HTC One Max will have a bigger screen too is unsure. There is also no word as to when the next HTC One Max (if there is a next one) will be launched; with the rest of the series, or later in the year like last year? The Bloomberg source also said that the HTC One M8 will run Qualcomm’s latest processor – Snapdragon 805, and be styled slightly differently to last years model.


Back to those cases. SlashGear claim to have seen pictures of a case purported to be for the next HTC One 2 M8 have some strange cut outs on the back. There appear to be three holes on the back. Two are fairly easy to determine: one for the rear microphone and one, presumably, for the flash and camera. There is also a third hole higher up near the top edge of the case. It’s not sure, yet, what this hole is for (or even if it will be required by the HTC One M8) but it does pose several questions:

  1. Have HTC got rid of the fingerprint scanner found on last years model? This case, as long as our assumptions are correct,  would appear to prove they have.
  2. Has the fingerprint scan