Moto X Wood Back covers now available in Bamboo, Walnut, Teak & Ebony


Moto X Wood back cover

Motorola, just days after launching the Moto X in the UK at an event in London, have announced they have released three new Wooden covers for their flagship device to add to the Bamboo already available.

Moto X Wood Back covers:

The new covers give the Moto X a very stylish and natural look. In all, there are now four covers to choose from, 2 light  woods and two dark woods. The two dark woods are Walnut and Ebony. The two light woods are Bamboo and Teak. The three new woods will go on sale from 21st January. As you can see from the picture above, they look fantastic (this is a picture of the Ebony Moto X wood back cover).

These aren’t final coverings printed on a plastic case, these are made from the wood themselves, giving the Moto X Wood back covers a very smart and warm look to the device. The covers will come at an additional price of $25 (£15/€18) when bought through Moto Maker, where you can customise your phone before it is shipped to you from Motorola.

Remember, although the Moto X has been launched in Europe, it’s not for sale (yet) till February. Once it is, it is my hope that the Moto Maker site comes to the UK too, allowing you to customise the device prior to shipping. Till then, however, we can only play around with the US version of the Moto Maker site to get an idea of what the device will look like.

In my quick play around with the site, I found that the two light woods suite the white fascia better. The two dark woods suit the black fascia. This is because both the front and the back are two separate pieces. In my review of the Moto G last year (the Moto X’s little brother), when we had a couple of cases to snap on to review, I noted that with a light colour, there is a distinct difference between the back and the front (on the review, I had a yellow back with a black front). So if you had your heart set on having a white front with an Ebony back, there will be a stark contrast between the two.