Android 4.3 updates for Xperia T, TX, V and SP to roll out from end of January


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Android 4.3 updates for Sony Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V and Xperia SP to commence late January or early February.

In this modern world, a tweet from an official Twitter account of a mobile maker is as good as a press conference or media briefing. This is what @SonyMobileNews  tweeted yesterday, promising Jellybean 4.3 update to the mid last year released Xperia T, TX,V and SP. The Android 4.3 updates will start rolling out end of this month to early February as clearly stated by the tweet.

Sony Xperia News ‏@SonyMobileNews. We hear you re: JB 4.3 for #Xperia T, V, SP  – we’re making final preps & will start rolling from end Jan / early Feb

We believe that the time frame is to allow for the different carriers to commence the stipulated updates across different regions in a systematic fashion. The three devices Xperia T , Xperia TX and  V will jump from the current Android 4.1 to 4.3.In as much as these mid-range devices are to receive this new update a year after release its hopeful that the devices are still in the hands of their original owners for them to appreciate this new development.

Improvements to anticipate will include a slightly improved UI, updates to the native Sony apps and without a doubt the addition of the Sony Smart Social Camera. The overall effect is to have you the user have a better experience and to add on that have a battery life extension to your device.