Rockchip RK3288 quad Cortex-A12 chip with real 4K x 2K H.265 promoted at CES2014



Italian site have released an article trying to decipher the advertising from Rockchip, makers of SoC (System on Chip), as to what the upcoming RK3288 will offer.

RK3288 SoC:

Despite the announcement of the RK3288 SoC is still several weeks away,, have tried to read between the lines of the Rockchip marketing at CES2014 in Las Vegas.

Some is quite clear to see from the advertising billboards out at CES, claiming that the RK3288 SoC will be Quad-core Coretex A12 with a Mali 764 Video Graphic support. This will be able to give resolutions of up to 4K by 2K H.265 support decoder and support OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL 1.1. Reported speeds are likely to be up to 1.8GHz.

What this all means is that, compared to it’s predecessor the Experiance RK3188 (which was used in Asus tablets last year to great effect), we’re likely to see improvements of up to 50% and up to 6 times the computing power of 3D graphics. The RK3288 of SoC will also be able to support massive resolutions as the 2K and 4K resolutions expand through the technology world. It’s also guessed that the RK3288 SoC wll be able to support LTE/4G bands, which it’s predecessors couldn’t do.

It’s not known when the first RK3288 SoC will appear in a product, but it’s believed to be within the first quater of 2014 (or very shortly thereafter). There are rumours that the Yuandao M12, a series of Chinese Android Tablets, may launch with the RK3288. It’s also likely that the RK3288 SoC will make it’s way to power Mini PC’s, although this won’t be till later in the year, as the market for such devices expand further. also had a table to show the relationship and comparison of the RK3288 and previous chips:

Compare RK3228 – Snapdragon 800 – RK3188

As you can see from the last two collums, the RK3288 is significantly quicker than it’s predecessor.