Tesco’s Hudl surprises all, sells 400,000 units in three months


Tesco's Hudl

Remember at the end of September, when I said Tesco were releasing their own Android Powered tablet? Well figures released today show that their gamble in releasing “another cheap tablet on the market” paid off, as Tesco sold over 400, 000 units in three months.

Tesco’s Hudl sold out – Twice:

Not only did Tesco manage to sell their £119 ($195/€142) Android powered tablet beyond most analysts beliefs, but the rush to buy the tablet was so big, that Tesco sold out twice in the lead up to Christmas. Some tablets were even going on eBay for £180, considerably more than their RRP.

The Hudl was released at the end of September among a collective sigh from analysts at another Android tablet flooding the market. However, Jeremy Davies, an analyst at Cortex admits that originally, “the mind boggles” at a supermarket trying to make a tablet, but noted “they would look to sell it for about £100, and initially order a few hundred thousand devices.” Looks like he was right.

Figures released by Tesco prior to December showed they had sold 300,000 units already, so roughly 100,000 units were sold in December alone, which is considerable considering the company made a loss overall last year. And let’s not forget, the Hudl is a good piece of kit, so pretty much sells itself. But if you’re a regular Tesco customer, then the integrated Tesco apps that come with the Hudl make the purchase almost a no-brainer.

Tesco wasn’t the only supermarket to launch a cut priced tablet so close to Christmas though. Aldi and Argos also released one, but haven’t given any sales figures as of yet.

New Hudl in the Pipeline:

Tesco did confirm that a second generation Hudl was in the process of being built to be released later this year (maybe around September?) but didn’t elaborate more than that.

The Hudl is still available from Tesco Online, or at your local store with a tech center.