NVIDIA Tegra K1 Benchmark Scores Amazing Numbers


tegra-china-benchmarksNVIDIA’s latest chip, which was demoed at CES 2014, got benchmarked using a variety of benchmarks, despite being in early stages. The benchmark scores are really promising though, as the Tegra K1 chip managed to outperform the competition by far.

Chinese site MyDrivers.com benchmarked the Tegra K1 reference tablet using GFXBench 2.7, and the scores were astounding. It achieved 60 fps, beating the new iPads by more than half of their scores. The Galaxy Note 3 and Toshiba eXcite Pro, running on Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 respectively, have also been swept in the process, but it’s remarkable that full-sized laptops running on Intel’s Haswell processors were beaten as well. The Haswell devices had the Intel HD 4400 and 4200 GPUs inside.


The next two benchmarks come from Tom’s Hardware. They were ran on the Toshiba Thinkvision 28, and the output was again, great. It beat the iPhone 5S, Nexus 5 and the Tegra Note 7 by large.