Sprint’s own Framily plan and T-Mobile’s response


sprint family plan

Sprint has been hard at work thinking of how they can save you some money on your monthly phone account.  And they have come up with something called the “Framily” plan.  This amazing plan will allow up to ten friends (who are all Sprint subscribers) to share one account ID whilst still being billed separately.  Plans will be from $55 per month per line and this gives you unlimited talk and texting and 1 GB of data.  For a mere $10 you can get 3GB of data or for $20 unlimited data per month.  What is so fabulous about the Sprint Framily plan is that you get rewarded for the amount of lines you have on your account because your cost decreases the more lines you have.  With every line that is added, your account gets reduced by $5 down to $25 per month.  However, there needs to be at least seven people on the plan but each one gets billed individually.

These plans are not on a two-year contract nor do they have a device subsidy.  One has to pay full retail price for your device or alternatively you can utilize Sprint’s One-Up annual trade-in option.

Although T-Mobile has been very active with their cheaper cost rate plans, Sprint’s Framily plan option is unique and no other competitor has anything like this. Sprint and T-mobile have been forced to be innovative with their low cost plans as Verizon and AT&T are the market leaders.

According to our latest update, CEO of Sprint Mr Dan Hesse has confirmed that during an investor conference their Family plans will be unveiled.  Family plans will be offered to new and existing clients from 10 January. Those Sprint clients that are on Sprint’s standard plans with a contract, can still subscribe to the Framily plan but will have to pay a $15 monthly surcharge until the end of their contracts.

Not to be outdone, T-Mobile is offering to ‘pay families to leave its rivals’. They are planning to entice customers to switch to the UnCarrier by compensating them financially. They will do this by paying for the family’s cancellation fees when they trade in their devices. This is in response to AT&T’s advertisement that offers T-Mobile’s clients up to $450 should they elect to switch to AT&T NEXT plan.

T-Mobile will allow ports from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint clients and transfer up to five lines. The initial costs will be high but they will recover this by compelling new customers to trade in their existing smartphones for new ones offered by the UnCarrier deals. Chances are that T-Mobile will restrict the payout value by capping it .