Keecker:Android powered Robot for your home



Always wanted to have your own R2D2 in your house collectively displaying stuff you asked it to? Well now you can,sort of,solution brought to you by a French tech company known as Keecker.They launched their robot at CES this week and its pretty awesome,and yes it doesn’t look anything like R2D2.

The Keecker robot can project on any surface in your house and runs on the Android operating system.This means it has Google Play access,which also means it can stream videos from Netflix or Youtube.The Keecker has a built-in speaker so you can also use it to listen music as well. All this can be done from your smartphone (that is controlling the robot).


At 16 inches wide and 25 inches tall,its pretty big and has motorized wheels to help it move about.It projects,videos,images,and even Skype calls,at a 1,280×800 resolution which isn’t much in this day and age but the 1000 – Lumen brightness makes it bright enough to watch even with the lights on.Pricing starts at $4,000 to $5,000.

(video courtesy of Domadoo)