Samsung VP confirms Galaxy S5 release timeframe and back to basics design


galaxy s4

The next Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S5, could be with us by April. That’s not the news,but the fact that it could have a retina scanner to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5S’s fingerprint scanner.

## Samsung Galaxy S5:

As we know by now, Samsung generally release their flagship phone round March to April time. Last years launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a little bit of an anti-climax when critiques said it looked too similar to it’s predecessor, the Galaxy S3. The unit sold well, but once the new Apple shinny was out, S4 sales dipped, meaning that the company didn’t meet what analysts thought it would.

When we moved to S4 from S3, it’s true that consumers couldn’t really feel much difference between the two products from the physical perspective, so the market reaction wasn’t big.

Said Lee Seung Woo, an analyst at IBK Securities Co.

So what does this mean for the Galaxy S5? It can only be good. The disappointing sales of the S4 will, hopefully, have only spurred Samsung to make the new S5 different from both it’s father and grandfather. One such rumour floating round is that Samsung could add a new kind of security feature.

Fingerprint scanners are so last year! Without Apple’s new phone using one, other Android manufacturers like HTC (remember the HTC One Max I reviewed last year?) have already added the fingerprint scanner to the forray. So Samsung, in true Samsung style, are rumoured to do one better: It is rumoured that the next Samsung Galaxy S5 will featuring a retina scanner.

Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology

Said Lee Young Hee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile business at CES2014 this week.

We are studying the possibility but can’t really say whether we will have it or not on the S5.

Along with the new Galaxy S5, it is certain that Samsung will also release an update to their Galaxy Gear watch, possibly with a new thinner design and more connection abilities. But there’s more. Lee is said to have teased that they will be releasing one other wearable device this year, but wouldn’t specify what. A dip in to the patents office shows that, in October, Samsung filed a patent for eyeglasses that can show information from a smartphone and enable users to take calls.

Looks like it’ll be another interesting year in Mobile Technology!