MediaTek unveils world’s first multimode wireless charging solution



MediaTek has gained quite a lot of  attention during the course of those last few months and the Taiwan-based company has virtually conquered the Chinese smartphone market with their relatively cheap quad-core SoCs.

After revealing their octa-core SoC they’re once again on track to do some innovation at CES2014. – MediaTek has just announced that it had successfully developed world’s first receiver technology for inductive and resonant wireless charging that should provide wireless charging regardless of whatsoever standard or equipment.

Gone are proprietary solutions if MediaTek’s technology gains widespread adoption, this new technology aims to let the user charge their gadget anywhere rather than having to aim at any specific part of the device, as it the case with current wireless charging implementations.

The technology enables:

  • charging devices with freedom of movement with easy, imprecise placement of the device
  • charging multiple devices concurrently from a single affordable charger coil
  • charging different sized devices with largely different power needs from the same charger
  • charging different devices with vastly different form factors free of the need for precise coil to coil alignment
  • charging devices across distances, through furniture or even walls

And what’s even better is that their technology eliminates the need to buy a wireless charging kit since the implementation works is backwards compatible with current inductive chargers. The technology is far from becoming a standard but it does have a lot of potential.

via MediaTek (PDF)