Fleksy able to run on Samsung Galaxy Gear watch



Fleksy, the virtual keyboard I recently raved about, has just been shown to work on a Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Fleksy on Galaxy Gear:

Although not an official app, yet, the Fleksy keyboard has been side loaded onto the Galaxy Gear and was recorded to work very well, thanks to its powerful auto-correct feature. The short video below shows the Fleksy on the Galaxy Gear working well.

Although this isn’t new, remember in my first review I mentioned that Fleksy had been designed for more than just phones and tablets, it does show that the keyboard can be very versatile when used on devices with a smaller screen and just goes to prove how hard the developer has worked at making the auto-correct engine non standard.

I think this short video also shows how useful the Galaxy Gear can be, and points the direction of where wearable tech is going to go in the coming years.

Fleksy is still available on the Google Play store for a free trial before you are asked to buy it.