Corning Debuts 3D Gorilla Glass


gg3Corning went ahead of CES 2014 to announce a new type of Gorilla Glass that can be molded into nearly every 3D shape possible. It involves completely new technology and should find use in various tech gadgets later in 2014.

Corning only announced the new technology used for creating the anticipated 3D Gorilla Glass, so do not expect for products made of 3D glass to appear just yet, although it’s been made clear they will appear in late 2014.

The fact itself that Corning has accomplished such a feat is truly amazing. Not only the demand of curved screens for tech gadgets is growing, but it’s become a huge battlefield for popular companies, such as LG and Samsung, both of which have debuted their own curved smartphones and TVs. With the latter being unenviable, we can honestly say the new 3D Gorilla Glass will bring many benefits to the tech industry and, as Corning say for themselves, it’s a win-win situation for both Corning and their customers.