Lenovo announces new innovative products with Android ties: N308 AiO, ThinkVision 28 and ThinkVision Pro2840m



As everybody gets back to the daily grind after their Christmas break and CES 2014 kicks off, we’re gonna see a steady stream of new product launches. Starting with Lenovo who have announced two brand new products, both with a few twists you might not have seen before.

We’ll start with the Lenovo N308 Android All-in-one PC (photo above), now I know what you’re all saying we live in a “post-PC age” why is stuff like this still news? well, Lenovo have decided to do something a little different with this AIO, one of the major drawbacks for some people is having to use the Windows operating system, knowing this Lenovo have decided to have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running on the N308 instead. This is a smart move, hundreds of millions of people are familiar with the Android operating system, especially the younger generation a generation which might have never used a desktop PC, growing up using smartphones and tablets.

As you can imagine running Jelly bean 4.2 the system requirements are a lot lower than your run of the mill desktop, The Lenovo N308 will be running NVIDIA’s Tega 3 quad-core processor, it’ll come with 500GB of internal storage and as of right now we don’t have any word yet on how much RAM it’ll be running. There’s everything else you’d expect to see on a All in one PC, a Keyboard, a mouse, a built-in 720p webcam for all your Skyping needs. You’ll also find an integrated battery which gives you up to three hours of run time for when you’re using it in tablet mode. The resolution is a pretty underwhelming 1600 X 900 but this leads us onto Lenovo’s next products.


This is the kind of news which might go unnoticed during CES week, with all the exciting smartphone and tablet launches going on, it’s hard to get too enthused about monitors. Lenovo are hoping that won’t be the case though, with their ThinkVision 28 and ThinkVision Pro2840m.

The ThinkVision 28 is being billed by Lenovo as a “premium entertainment system” the monitor can work with Android 4.3, it’s essentially a way to display your Android gadgets onto a larger screen, and this isn’t just any old display it has a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels, commonly referred to as 4K. As well as the android functionality and extremely vivid display, it also comes packing a 10 point multi-touch, three HDMI ports, multiple USB ports although we don’t know precisely how many multiple actually is, a microSD slot, display port and an ethernet connection. It’s powered by Nvidia’s Tegra, 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal