DreamTab the fruit of collaboration between DreamWorks studio and Fuhu



DreamTab a tablet packed with DreamWorks studio content, dedicated to toddlers.

If you’ve got kids it’s extremely likely you would  have at one point come into contact with either DreamWorks or Fuhu. DreamWorks are the creators of the various CGI fairy tales we’ve all grown up with and the lesser known Fuhu are the creators of a child-friendly line of tablets called Nabi. Now both companies have decided to join forces and produce a tablet called the “Dreamtab” which will be 8-inches in size and cost “Under $300” (£182)

As you can imagine DreamWorks are in a very strong position when it comes to creating content for the device, they’ve been creating animations aimed at children for the last two decades so you can bet your bottom dollar their previous work and much more will appearing on the tablet.

Nancy Bernstein who is an animation producer over at DreamWorks gave an insight into what kind of content will be appearing on the device, such as; various Shrek characters performing funny routines like one telling the child to turn their device off because the parental lock is about to activated. There’s no word just yet on specs or precise pricing , all we know is that the Dreamtab will be dropping sometime in the spring and we’re likely to hear more info on it at CES 2014, which is just a few days away so, stay tuned.

via NYT