Sheep Happens Game Review


Screenshot_2014-01-03-12-37-18In an ordinary world of peace and order comes another new game that is all but the complete opposite: Sheep Happens! And what a name that is, one that successfully portrays this endless runner in all of its aspects: total chaos in an ancient world of flying bulls and sheep falling from the sky, where all aims are set on catching Hermes, the evil villain.

Sheep Happens is based on a model usually found in similar games: you collect coins, dodge obstacles and maneuver around other runners and try to catch Hermes and beat the hell out of him for a bonus! The coins on the other hand, are used in the shop for upgrading some special powers and for buying different helmets of a huge variety.

The story begins in an ancient arena, where a couple of runners are ready to begin the race, when suddenly, a weird character shows up to offer our main hero a special footwear that’s supposed to make him faster. As he gets away, it’s noticeable that the coins from his bag start falling out. That’s when our hero is struck with a wild idea to chase that character, who is no one else than – Hermes!

Screenshot_2014-01-03-12-39-52The story begins with a cool comic

Surely, the main goal of the game is to run as far as possible to set an unbeatable record. But, as always, it doesn’t all stop there. It never does, as it would make little to no sense if it did. On the contrary, Sheep Happens was made very enjoyable by the inclusion of missions, and there are a lot of them! As you beat one, another shows up and with time they become harder and require more time and skill to be completed. The missions are cool, but there’s one more thing that contributes to the playability of Sheep Happens as well, and that’s the Google+ Integration. With live leaderboard and 27 achievements to achieve, you will surely be kept busy to beat them all.

Screenshot_2014-01-03-12-41-08Run as far as you can, collect as many coins as you can

Screenshot_2014-01-03-12-37-36There are many achievements for you to collect

The coins are not collected for nothing: they can be used in the shop for buying upgrades for your a