LG Odin processor spotted in benchmarks


lg odin

LG Odin processor, the first silicon-based CPU produced by the South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics, has been sighted in AnTuTu benchmark results.

Taking a leaf out of Samsung’s book LG has decided to create their very own processor to be put inside it’s ever-growing portfolio of smartphones, and the LG Odin is widely speculated to be appearing in the rumoured LG G3 which is supposed to be hitting shelves in 2014.

The Odin was spotted on benchmark website Antutu, allegedly it had been capped at clock speeds of 1GHz, so wasn’t amazing any body just yet, but we’ll have to wait and see what speeds it can reach when it’s up and running inside a 2014 smartphone. Samsung should be wary though, as the LG Odin beat their Exynos 5410, which is currently the processor of choice for 2013’s international version of the Galaxy S4.


Regardless of how fast this chip, nobody can argue that manufacturing your own equipment is a great strategy, and will definitely be crucial in LG’s plan for 2014. More on this topic, hopefully, at CES2014 starting next week.

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