Google services embedded in future Audi vehicles [CES2014 Rumours]


google car

Future Audi vehicles to feature Google Android apps and services, including Google Earth, Maps, Music.

The start of 2014 is shaping up to be big in the tech world, we’ve heard lots of rumours and speculation about various devices, and now we have this information hot off the press that Google will be partnering with German automobile manufacture Audi to bring an in-car Android system, which will enable drivers to use various apps and services with all of this supposedly being announced at CES in Las Vegas next week.

There’s also suggestions that Google after initially partnering with Audi on the project, will then seek out other car manufacturers as partners as well as Nvidia. This announcement is roughly six months after Apple made a similar announcement at their World Wide Developers Conference about iOS in the car, this announcement would take Google one step closer to competing head on with Apple in this field.

There’s lots of advantages to having Android functionality in your car, such as the obvious ones; like Navigation, you could hook up Google Maps or Google Earth and would have no need for a Sat Nav, this would also give you the option to search for local services nearby. Another obvious advantage would be Google Music, you could stop listening to the awful music pumped out by your local radio station and play your own tunes instead.