Archos Showcases Upcoming Products For CES 2014: Connected Home, Smartwatches and More


archos-smart-home-tablet-lead-shotArchos has never been in the focus of the Android scene, but nevertheless, that hasn’t inhibited the innovative side of the company. And like every other manufacturer, the French will also have its own booth at CES 2014, that will show off a bunch of new devices Archos has announced at its press conference.

The newly announced products include a slew of connected devices and wearables that work with iOS and Android devices, and a 7-inch tablet that acts as a monitoring system. The lineup is filled with an activity tracker, scale, blood pressure monitor, a weather station, the aforementioned tablet and a bunch of affordable smartwatches that will sell for a sub-$50 price. The connected devices are monitorable in real-time through specific apps.

Archnos was scarce of additional information regarding the devices, but CES is not far away at all, so you won’t be left with uncleared doubts for a long time. This devices may not be the only ones that will be announced by Archos, so that’s one more thing that makes us look forward to the big Vegas event.