Samsung awarded plethora of patents, including vertically curved smartphone and new tablet home button design


A-vertically-flexed-Samsung-phone (3)

Christmas may be over, but the US patent office just awarded us a belated gift in the shape of wealth of design patents ranging from phones with flexible displays, which just started to come into prominence in the third quarter of 2013 with the LG G-Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round. The designs don’t stop there, apart from flexible screens there’s also patents for dockable tablets and also none traditional tablet designs, right the way up to an electronic door lock. There’s not a great deal of specific information other than the blueprints of the patents.

Flexible displays 

The first of the patents we’ll cover is the design for a flexible display, unlike the LG-G Flex the current Samsung Galaxy Round doesn’t bend or flex, the curved element to the device is more for decorative purposes than for actual functional use, so we will have to wait and see if this new round of patents will change all that.

Tablet designs

There’s a couple of extraordinary designs kicking about inside the tablet patents, ranging from some pretty nifty accessory welcoming ones, like added support for clip on physical keyboards and perhaps an embedded battery as well. There’s a couple of gray areas too which don’t make a great deal of sense such as two pretty identical looking tablets apart from a couple of different dimensions, so either it’s a size difference or Samsung aren’t fully decided on what they want to launch quite yet. There’s a couple of other less conventional