Google swings back at Rockstar (Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry) patent consortium, hits it with an ‘uppersuit’



Google was unsuccessful in its bid in 2012 to purchase the patents that was owned by the now defunct Nortel but has decided to challenge the group of companies who is now the new owners of these rights.  Google now claims via their lawsuit that this consortium, Rockstar, has placed a cloud on their Android platform because of their ownership and the enforcement of their ownership.

GigaOM, says that Google feels that Rockstar is using over 4000 patents to unlawfully intimidate mobile device makers that use the Android OS.  Microsoft, Apple and Blackberry are all a part of the Rockstar group.  What is especially disconcerting to Google, is the threat against its Nexus devices, and has approached the court to rule that these products do not infringe seven of Rockstar’s patents.

Google lost out to Rockstar in the acquisition of the Nortel patents.  Rockstar paid $4.5 billion for the rights, which include rights to an extensive array of technology products and software rights, including wireless, wireless 4G, data networking, optical, voice, internet, service provider, semiconductors” and more.  Early in 2013 Rockstar filed lawsuits against Google and some of their third-party Android partners, saying that they had used their patents linked to display advertisements, messaging, etc.  It was also revealed that Rockstar is in the process of selling some of its many patents in a move that will allow them to recoup some of the huge sum of money they paid for the Nortel property.