HP may jump back in the smartphone arena with tablets



HP’s past may have been riddled with the catastrophic failure of its WebOS ecosystem which tarnished the company’s image. – But it appears that the company is willing to once again hop into the smartphone / tablet arena with so called ‘phablets’.

A report published by The Information cites that the giant may be prepping a few 6-7 inch Android-based tablets that would allegedly pack phone capabilities (SIM slot) in emerging markets such India and China. The report states that those tablets would be budget oriented and will be no more than $250 off-contract.

As far as designs are concerned the company is said to be adopting the same recycled design language based on previous models produced by manufacturers Quanta and Pegatron.

While HP has only just entered the Android world with few tablets, it’s safe to say that HP’s comeback plans are legitimate. After all, their CEO Meg Whitman had admitted in a video interview with Fox last year, that the company is “working on this” and that HP “ultimately has to offer a smartphone”.

HP’s tablets are only weeks away from being unveiled according to the report but the company has yet to comment on those rumors. Those phablets might eventually pave the way for HP’s future smartphones but only time will tell if they would be¬†eerily reminiscent of HP’s flopped WebOS-based devices such as the Pre 3 and Veer 4G.

via Engadget