New Sony Devices Leaked on Indonesian Website


sony device leakSony offers a rich list of smartphones, filling all the categories that are present in the current market. It looks like that list will soon be expanded, as an Indonesian tracking site has spotted a number of new Sony devices that seem to be the successors to the current offerings.

The new devices are currently known by their codenames: Sony Xperia D6503, Sony SPG 521, Sony D5322, Sony D5503, Sony D2005, Sony D2105 and SPG521. The D5503 is probably the international Sony Xperia Z1 f, also dubbed as Xperia Z1 Mini, whereas the D2105 is the successor to the Xperia L. The Sony SPG 521 is most likely the next-gen Xperia Tablet Z, and the D5303 might be Sony’s phablet of 2014.

Along with the names, some AnTuTu benchmark scores have been caught as well. The Sony D2105 scored just 1 point north of 13000, while the D2005, D5303 and D6503 achieved 12790, 30145 and 29745 respectively.

Word is that Sony might unveil the leaked devices at CES, though we highly doubt it. Anyway, it’s clear that the next year will be entertaining for Sony, as well as for the fans.