PocketDroid Top 5 Christmas Apps


top 5 christmas appsToday is the day when this year’s winter begins, and with Christmas just around the corner, is there a better way of paying tribute to it than celebrating it the PocketDroid style?! To all of you geeks out there who are all about gaming on your beloved smartphones, or to the casual users who just want to get something special out of their gadgets, here we present a list of our top 5 Christmas Android apps picks that will keep you entertained and your phone shining throughout the whole holiday season:

1. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Screenshot_2013-12-12-21-22-41This beautiful live wallpaper will certainly wake up the Christmas spirit inside all of you. It’s a simple, yet elegant wallpaper where couples skate together on a frozen ice rink. There are some nice touches, like the realistic snow and colorful Christmas tree. A couple of more settings can be configured in the settings menu. Those include different characters as well as more backgrounds, which of some requiring an in-app purchase. And, the price, well… Christmas Rink is free on the Play Store!

2. Subway Surfers

Screenshot_2013-12-19-21-06-14Subway Surfers is a well-known endless runner and has already established itself as one of the most popular games on the Play Store. The reason it appears on this list, however is because it features a custom theme for every major holiday. And now, in time with Christmas, a special update has arrived bringing a new winter theme, some special items and other limited-edition collectibles and challenges. This makes the game more versatile than ever before and even made me start playing it again! Visit the Play Store for more info.

3. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

Screenshot_2013-12-12-22-39-36Unlike Subway Surfers, which only received a Christmas update, this is a whole new Doodle Jump and as the name suggests, it’s a special holiday season version with a unique winter theme to go with it. Doodle Jump Christmas Special is the same endless jumper as the original, basically the same game wrapped up in a different skin. Personally, I don’t see the point of releasing a separate game just for this season since the original game features many other skins itself, but maybe it’s due to the fact that this special version features an all-new set of characters, challenges, enemies and much, much more! And, it’s free on the Play Store, just like the original, so it makes a great gift!

4. Ski Challenge 14


If you don’t plan on spending some quality time skiing this winter, then you’ll surely want to spend some time on this game, which aims on emulating this challenging sport as good as it can get on a mobile device. What Ski Challenge 2014 offers is some very-detailed real-life tracks, realistic characters and sound effects and multiplayer mode, which will keep you pushing yourself to the very limits! Other features include Google Play Integration for achievements and leaderboards and a freeride mode, where you go at full speed without worrying about your personal time, falling or hitting the barriers at all. Does this sound challenging enough for you? If so, head over to the Play Store and claim your free copy!

5. Despicable Me

Screenshot_2013-12-12-21-28-31The Holiday season has arrived at Gru’s lab as well! For our last pick is Despicable Me, it’s important to say that Gameloft has done a great job bringing the Christmas spirit to this game. In a game where every detail counts, here we see a cleverly skinned endless-runner which while being very similar to some other ones of its type (Subway Surfers), is very unique in its own way. Run with your favorite minion through the labs, explore the special content and, as always, have fun! The update is available on the Play Store.


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