PocketDroid Top 5 Christmas Apps


top 5 christmas appsToday is the day when this year’s winter begins, and with Christmas just around the corner, is there a better way of paying tribute to it than celebrating it the PocketDroid style?! To all of you geeks out there who are all about gaming on your beloved smartphones, or to the casual users who just want to get something special out of their gadgets, here we present a list of our top 5 Christmas Android apps picks that will keep you entertained and your phone shining throughout the whole holiday season:

1. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Screenshot_2013-12-12-21-22-41This beautiful live wallpaper will certainly wake up the Christmas spirit inside all of you. It’s a simple, yet elegant wallpaper where couples skate together on a frozen ice rink. There are some nice touches, like the realistic snow and colorful Christmas tree. A couple of more settings can be configured in the settings menu. Those include different characters as well as more backgrounds, which of some requiring an in-app purchase. And, the price, well… Christmas Rink is free on the Play Store!

2. Subway Surfers