Mirror for Android (Beta) Lets You Stream Your Android Screen to Any PC


mirror betaKoushik Dutta is very popular among the online developer circles. Basically, he is the man behind the popular ClockworkMod recovery and has done tremendous work in the Android developing department. Aside from developing custom ROMs and recoveries for some Android devices, he is also the developer of some very useful apps that come as very handy for the experienced Android user. His newest project is an app called Mirror, which aims on bringing the concept of screen recording and streaming to the Android platform.

Mirror is a cleverly thought app which lets you both record your device’s screen on the go and stream it directly to your PC. Many have tried to bring a screen recording app to the Android ecosystem, but it has been proven to be a very tough job. Now, probably thanks to Google’s latest release of Android, developers, primarily Koush, have been able to take an advantage and not only let us capture everything we see on our displays, but stream them to our PCs as well, a feature made possible by a couple of clever algorithms that rely not on a pure PC client, but on a web browser.

What’s so special about this app is that it does everything it says it will do, it just works. Want to record your screen? Sure, just tap on a button and you’re good to go. Want to stream your screen to your home PC? No problem! Just open up your browser, visit a specified link and enjoy! It’s really that simple.

Still, Mirror has still a long way to go before it reaches its final stages of development. For now, Flash live is used for video streaming, which isn’t ideal as flash is yesterday’s technology already. And, if you decide to try it, don’t expect it to perform silky-smooth just yet, it still needs to receive some device-specific optimizations. However, it’s still not meant to be used globally, so we won’t make any remarks here.

Mirror is currently in beta stages and is still very limited when it comes to availability. However, everyone is free to participate in the beta program and get his hands on this cool app that will hopefully reach its final stages sooner than later. In the end, we have to give credits to Koush, who has once again brought an abandoned concept back to life. Kudos man, keep it up!