Android 4.4.2 Now Seeding To Google Play Edition Devices


samsung-galaxy-s4-htc-one-google-play-editionThe fresh Android 4.4.2 update started seeding to the Google Play Edition devices, including the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest member LG G Pad 8.3. The OTA update is pretty light, being only 50MB it wouldn’t break anyone’s data limit.

The new release adds some UI tweaks and squashes some bugs here and there, but the difference from the previous version is small. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy incremental update, and if you own a Google Play device, you shouldn’t hesitate on installing it.

In meantime, some devices are still struggling to get even the base KitKat update, while others are nearly there (LG G2 is getting its own tomorrow). But let’s be honest, the update process is now much faster than two years ago, and it’s getting better and better as time passes.

If you still haven’t received your update notification, go to Settings/About/System Updates and update your device.