Angry Birds Go Game Review


angry birds go bannerAngry Birds Go, the long-awaited installment of the widely popular Angry Birds saga, is finally in our palms. At last, the time has come when Rovio decides to finally leave the original concept for a while and works on something new and exciting. They tried with Bad Piggies, which was either a hit or miss. Now with Angry Birds Go they aim for the stars and our thoughts are, they have every right to do so.

Angry Birds Go, as by now you may be familiar, is a new karting game featuring our beloved Angry Birds characters. Taking the same steps as some other popular game publishers, Rovio decided it’s time to freshen the still-actual franchise with a new title worthy enough to put the stakes even higher and from our perspective they have done just that. Angry Birds Go is very exciting, addictive, easy to play and features some very nice graphics and audio effects. Combine all of those mentioned above and you get an incredible racer that will keep you entertained for quite a while.


Let’s cover the basics to begin with: Angry Birds Go is a very feature-rich game featuring numerous diverse races organized in several level packs. The first race is followed by a brief tutorial which shows the key elements of the game: controls, rules and rewards. Controls are very simple and different layouts can be set from the settings menu. As for the gameplay, Angry Birds Go is not just about lapping a single circuit and coming in first: there is also a respectable amount of different race modes to complete. And, based on your position and on the in-race coins you collect and stunts you do, at the end of each race you’re awarded with a good number of coins and stars for level completion, just like in other casual Angry Birds Games.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-36-30Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-38-34There are several different race modes

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-33-47At the end of each level you are awarded up to three stars for each and some coins

Angry Birds Go takes several cues from other Angry Birds as well. For starters, nearly all of the birds and pigs are present here. Then there’s the slingshot launch of the karts at the beginning of each race and lets not forget the special powers that are unique to each character. And, all of those are incorporated in such way the game feels quite fresh and one of a kind.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-40-20 Slingshot your kart at the right time to start ahead
Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-46-27Choose one of the many popular Angry Birds heroes

The number of available circuits is also promising. There are several bumpy tracks full of game-changing curves and shortcuts, but also numerous TNT’s and obstacles that are able to stop you dead in your tracks. At the beginning only one is available, though you will eventually unlock the other ones soon enough.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-48-04Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-32-38Different tracks bring different challenges

When not racing, you can always tune your kart in your garage and upgrade it in order to keep up with the competition. There are several aspects of the car that can be upgraded, including: top speed, acceleration and handling. Each one costs some coins, so be sure to be out there completing those levels as much as you can. Also, as the time goes by, you will feel the need for a better kart. Luckily, the shop is full of shiny new rides with each one more powerful than the one before. The bad news is that out of the 7 available ones, 4 can only be bought through in-app purchases that can set you up to $20.00!

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-34-15Make sure you frequently upgrade your kart
Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-32-21The kart shop is the one place you would likely avoid most of the time

Speaking of in-app purchases, they are present here as well. They include buying coins and crystals which are then used for buying power ups for your characters. We agree, this sounds odd, but Rovio clearly states that the game can be completed without spending a dime on it whatsoever. The game is free after all, and we believe some compensations must be made in order for it to stay that way.

Screenshot_2013-12-13-19-36-23Head over to the shop to buy more coins and crystals

In terms of quality, we can honestly say that Angry Birds Go is one of the best-made games we’ve seen in a while. The graphics are good, featuring rich colors, flying particles and a cartoonish design theme. The in-game physics are reasonably good for the genre and allow for a very enjoyable experience. Audio effects are also on par with the rest of the group, maybe even better than some. But, the thing we like the most about Angry Birds Go is the gameplay itself. Races are exciting and fast-paced without being too long to become boring and not enjoyable. The power ups are right in place and everything is so nicely put it’s easy to say Angry Birds Go belongs with the of the best of its kind.

All in all, we strongly believe Rovio has nailed it with Angry Birds Go, a game that deserves the praise it’s got. And we are not the only ones who say it: the 1 million downloads in just a day of availability speaks for itself, not to mention the heartwarming user feedback. So, don’t wait a moment: head over to the Play Store┬áto claim your free copy, you won’t regret it a bit!


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