Sony Releases Android 4.4 AOSP Sources for Xperia L, Other Devices To Follow Up


sony-xperia-l-update-bigSony has uploaded sources for AOSP Android 4.4 for its mid-range smartphone Xperia L, thus allowing the developers to build the latest Android release for the smartphone with ease.

Honestly, this news came rather unexpectedly, as it’s hard for anyone to guess that a manufacturer would go through the ‘hassles’ to prepare the sources for the latest Android release available. But Sony, a no-ordinary, as always, is one step ahead from the competition in terms of developer-friendliness, and has done just that. And doesn’t finish here – the Japanese will upload KitKat sources for a bunch of other devices as well, including the high-end Xperia Z, ZL, Xperia Tablet Z and with a tiny chance of getting it, the Xperia S.

The current source is a bit buggy, as you will be greeted with broken Bluetooth and GPS if you ‘cook’ a build. The other functions including telephony, camera and sensors are working though, and we bet Sony will come up with a solution for the problems soon.

This again proves that Sony is the most developer-caring company and that is a foot above the other OEMs in this category. We would like to see this become a trend for the other companies as well in the near future.

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