MediaTek to release MT6590 & MT6595 4G LTE chipsets in January



A Taiwanese publication, the Taiwan commercial times has reported today that MediaTek‘s MT6590 & MT6595 baseband chipset will begin shipping in January 2014. The same source makes reference to the MT6290 4G RF chipset, which apparently will be renamed to MT6590. And here comes the confusion, pay attention please. The MTK6595 SoC is actually a mix between MT6950 4G/LTE chip and the MT6592. The chip as previously announced will support multiple bands, this has a lot to do with why its launch date has been brought forward, as recently as last week China mobile was awarded licensing for TD-LTE and FDD-LTE bands and Qualcomm has had 4G ready chips for a long time now and this has made  MediaTek get things moving a lot quicker  as they don’t want to be left in the dust with Qualcomm stealing Chinese consumers off them.

There’s still not a great deal of information available on the chip just yet, we still haven’t had word on exactly what bands this baby will support and also what customizations will be available to various carriers.