Google Now Selling The Nexus 5 With Revised Body


nexus 5

There has been a discussion on the XDA-Developers Forum regarding some of the hardware problems of the Nexus 5. Actually, it was about the issues of the first batch of Nexus 5 devices, and we say that because Google is now selling its flagship in a newer revision.

This was discovered by a member who had returned his faulty Nexus 5 and then received one of the new variants with all the problems of the old one fixed, like the ‘cutting-edge’ display frame, protruding SIM tray, noisy and shaky buttons. The new device was then put side-by-side to the first Nexus 5 and it turned out they have a bit different shell. For one, the revised Nexus had noticeably bigger speaker holes, its buttons were sturdier, and the display had a yellow tint.

It’s nice that Google acknowledged the little quirks of its biggest pride and stepped up quickly to eliminate them. We bet some customers now have the feeling of being cheated, but sometimes that’s the cost of being an early adopter.



  1. Cool! I was an early adopter but I didn’t have any issues with my Nexus 5. I guess the issues were enough to change the device manufacturing process and I’d say it was rather quick.

  2. Flagship? Do you know the meaning of that word?

    You should use the word, literally too, another popular word used incorrectly all the time.

  3. @right  Do YOU know what the word means? Flagship: the finest, largest, or most important one of a series, network, or chain. 


  4. @right Some words can have both a literal and a figurative meaning. For example a flagship is the ship taht carries the flag (and the commander) in a fleet, but in an other context it can also be “The most important one out of a related group”, which the Nexus 5 is when talking about Google phones, or arguably even Android phones(being the main developper platform etc.).

    Interestingly, in french we don’t usually use the word flagship or “vaisseau amiral” (well some people are but it’s clearly an anglicism) figuratively, but we use “porte étendard” which means “standard bearer”… So it’s not the same word but it’s the same idea really.

  5. This is very good that   <a href=””>Google</a>   acknowledged the little quirks of its biggest
    pride and stepped up quickly to eliminate them.


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