Google announces new tools for Android game developers


game liquidfunMobile gaming is becoming an attracting business for developers in search of a new fresh audience and Android is usually the target ecosystem for most games after iOS.

It looks that Google is willing to play its part in helping developers better familiarize themselves with Android development with new tools to leverage both mobile and cloud features to deliver better experiences for consumers.

New Tools to Take Your Games to the Next Level

The company is releasing their ‘LiquidFun’ C++ 2D physics library based on Box2D that promises realistic physics effects in 2D games.

Today, we’re adding more tools to your gaming toolbox, like the open sourcing of a 2D physics library, as well as new features to the Google Play game services offering, like a plug-in for Unity

Additionally Google is also adding a plugin in Google Play games for the popular Unity engine used in various games. The introductory version supports achievements, cloud saving and leaderboards but more additions are expected to roll out later on. The plugin is available on GitHub.

The Google Play store will also feature new categories for Simulation, Role Playing, and Educational in Febuary 2014.

via Google Developers