Nexus 7 in white and new Folio cases announced, available on Google Play store


Nexus 7 in White Last night, Asus announced they had released a Nexus 7 in white, currently available through the Google Play store.

Nexus 7 in White:

The Nexus 7 in white is currently only available in WiFi only in 32GB at a price of £239.99 ($393.97/€286.24). There is no mention when and if the white variant will be available in other configurations. Current shipping time is showing as 1-2 business days on the Google Play UK, US and Japan Stores, so get ordering quickly if you want it in time for Christmas. The announcement was met with mixed feelings last night on Twitter, with some users very excited, whilst others were angry that the new colour choice was released so close as many had already ordered a black version. The white is only on the back, giving the device a nice, light look. The front is still black, however, which gives the device a strange look in this writers opinion.

New Folio cases also available:

Along with the announcement of the new Nexus 7 in white, a new Folio case is also available in black and red. Folio Case for Nexus 7  in Red With what looks like a rubber bumper surrounding the sides of the device and a foldable cover which can be used as a stand, the new Folio case stands to keep you Nexus 7 device safe and protected from knocks and chips of the sides. It’s reasonable to guess that the folding cover will have magnets integrated, turning the screen on and off when opening and closing the cover respectively. Retailing at £34.99 ($57.44/€41.73), the Folio cases are still showing as ‘Coming Soon’. There is no word as to when these will be available to ship, or whether it will be before Christmas or not. What are your feelings on Google releasing a colour so late in the Christmas Shopping season? Would you have rather had a white Nexus 7 or are you not that bothered? Let us know in the comments.