Weekly Top 5 Android Apps & Games [December 2 – 8, 2013]



Another week, another Weekly Top 5 Android Apps and Games that we’ve picked from Google Play store to get your device going. Dont you love the Android eco-system created by this huge world-wide Android community?

Dynamic notifications 


Dynamic notifications brings a slice of the Moto X to your Android phone by allowing you to create the same alerts and notifications which are seen on the Moto X. Fully animated front screen notifications bring your phone to life and also allowing you to jump straight into the app. Rating 8/10




There’s a very large range of apps to choose from when wanting to get a bit of weather info, but 1weather is a nice little app, which has everything you’d expect from a weather app; hourly weather, radar, forecasts etc. It also presents you with weather facts, which is pretty cool and has a nice, simplistic UI to top things off. Rating 8.5/10


Timely Alarm clock 


If you’re getting a little tired of that stock alarm app on your phone then there’s a lot of choice for a replacement. Timely is probably the best you’ll find, it has a large array of features you can fiddle with to make waking from your slumber that bit more bearable. It also has a very intuitive gesture based design, such as swiping your finger down the screen to initiate the snooze feature. Rating 9/10


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