Could the Samsung SM-G900F be the Galaxy S5?



As the year of 2013 draws to a close the Samsung Galaxy rumour mill is starting to heat up, we’ve already seen something similar show up on GFXBench, although the device name was the SM-G900S back then and in this latest leak it’s been spotted as the SMG900F.

This time the leak we’re seeing appeared on BrowserMark which shows the device running an older version of Chrome (version 28) and although it was rocking an older version it still managed to work it’s way to the third fastest device globally.

We’ve already seen reports that Samsung could be developing an alternative to its S line up of devices called the Galaxy F series, so does this latest leak signal that the SM-G900F is part of the new F line and the last leak we saw was the Galaxy S5, or does all this just mean nothing? one thing is for sure, this definitely isn’t the last leak we’ll see before the official unveiling.