Secure message integration in CyanogenMod available in CM10.2 nightly


cyanogenmod-sms-encryptionThe recent leaks about the U.S practices have left many wandering if their government could be trusted when it came to their online data and most importantly their privacy.

With reports of the NSA infiltrating various services from Xbox live to even communication applications the folks behind CyanogenMod teamed with Open Whisper Systems to devise a way to stop any agency from eavesdropping user messages, well as least on CM.

The feature is already rolling out in current nightlies, but the team won’t yet push it to their CM11 branch until it’s polished enough. The service will run in background and encrypt every SMS/MMS system-wide without requiring any sort user attention.

We see this as a path to show that security and privacy are priorities in the mobile space

The service uses the TextSecure protocol which is an independently-developed algorithm rather than one approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, after it was revealed that the NSA worked to weaken NIST standards.

If the former mobile race was over specifications, and the current is over camera quality, we’d like to see the next race be over who can protect their users the most. If this means we are taking on the other major systems, or just feeding them ideas for their own implementation, the users win.

This secure message end-to-end encryption should hopefully keep some eyes off user conversations provided those governmental agencies don’t find a way to counter it.

via Engadget