Minuum 1.2 released, adds French, Italian & German languages


Minuum Keyboard

Minuum, the tiny keyboard looking to change the world of typing, has just updated to Minuum 1.2 adding several languages to it’s database.

Minuum 1.2 Language support:

Previously, Minuum has only supported English. With the latest update, they have added French, German and Italian to their database. To activate these, you choose the relevant language you want in the settings and it will download the relevant files. You can then use the quick language swap, which takes the place of voice input option when swiping up and left.

Minuum 1.2

Along with the new languages, the app has been vastly updated to increase speed and it’s accuracy, especially with long words. Numerous people are commenting on how they have noticed the increase on Twitter.

No Longer Alone:

Minuum is no longer the first keyboard to add a different way of typing that the standard way offered by so many other apps. As recently reported, Fleksy has just been released from private beta and already offers more languages. Whilst not sharing the same one-line layout that Minuum keyboard offers, Fleksy has got rid of the keyboard all together. It will be interesting to see how Minuum answers to this, as their blog promises to update more frequently after a two month hiatus whilst they added the new languages and fixed bugs on KitKat.
Also, both companies are interested in making their app applicable to use on other devices and surfaces than just a phone or tablet screen. Fleksy is aiming at getting their app to work on devices such as watches (could we see a day when you could type a text on the screen of a Galaxy Gear?) where as Minuum is more interested in looking at getting you typing on pretty much anything.

Not to be outdone, Fleksy also appears to be investigating the possibility of using their app and algorithms to type mid air like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Only time will tell how these two very similar apps will diverge, or even converge, and change the world of typing.

Minuum 1.2

Minuum is available for download in the Play Store.