Samsung is testing KitKat on Galaxy S4 Mini, S3 mini, Ace 2 & 3, Fame, S Advance and a few more


Android 4.4

Now that Android is a well-optimized operating system even for entry-level devices, Samsung Electronics is apparently testing Android 4.4, build KRT16, on its low to mid range Galaxy devices: Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace 3, Galaxy Fame, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Core and Galaxy Fresh, according to a photo which allegedly shows an official Samsung document.

Although it is only a rumour, and no official statement has been made yet, its interesting to see that Samsung is looking into the possibility of upgrading long forgotten devices to the latest version of Android. Samsung is well-known for its ignorance towards consumers when it comes to software updates, however, if this alleged photo has at least a tiny bit of truth in it, then we are looking to a bright future relationship between Samsung and consumers.

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