Bluetooth 4.1 Launched, Promises Improved Data Transfer, Better Connections


logo_bluetoothThe Bluetooth Core Specification received a new, minor update, called Bluetooth 4.1. The improvements that the new version brings that matter are an improved data transfer, better connections and compatibility with LTE networks, which comes as a particularly useful feature for smartphones.

With the new Bluetooth 4.1, thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology, bulk data transfer between two devices can be done more efficiently. In an addition to that, the new Bluetooth specification allows for more control over maintaining Bluetooth connections because the reconnection interval is now flexible and variable. Thus, devices will be able to reconnect when they come near each other without any user intervention. Bluetooth 4.1 also gives developers the freedom to associate the devices with two or more simultaneous functions at a time.

Bluetooth 4.1 brings the fundamentals for IP-based connections, enabling the possibility for IPv6 communication between two Bluetooth-featuring devices.

It’s quite early to tell when the first Bluetooth 4.1-powered devices will hit the market, but we guess the next generation of smartphones, or the generation after that, will probably have the pioneers of this new technology.